These days it could be very difficult to locate the home plans which are arranged to handicapped clients and could be altered to suit your needs. In this way, the most significant thing in getting usable and agreeable bathroom for the handicapped client is to locate a solid engineer office which will create plans for handicapped clients’ bathroom.

There is a number of interesting points when purchasing disabled open floor plans. When choosing a supplier of handicapped home plans you ought to dependably have as a main priority that different handicapped people have different needs, so don’t make do with first prepared to-utilize things offered. Supplier of plans ought to redo disabled open bathroom plans to your desires.

The principal issue, which is an essential thing to concern, is that the bathroom ought to be protected enough to utilize. It ought not to contain any items or capacities which could mischief handicapped people. At the point when an individual ends up disabled, it is a bad dream for him to securely utilize the bathroom.

Building the bathroom as shown by very much planned disabled open bathroom plans could make it easier for a handicapped client to deal with their very own cleanliness. Each bathroom plan for disabled should concentrate on this:

Bathroom entrance

Disabled available bathroom plans ought to permit same level (no means or different impediments), wheelchair neighborly easy passageway and exit. At any rate 32 inches wide passage could be fine, yet 36 inches they greatly improve or more and more agreeable for a wheelchair client.
We could plan the passage with a window ornament or sliding entryway, although that choice needs security.

If you need a customary entryway to ensure that handicapped individual can utilize it. In view of the safety issues additionally, ensure that entryway can be opened all things considered.

Toilet Height

Disabled open bathroom plans ought to consider a higher toilet seat since it’s a lot easier for a disabled individual to utilize. The best stature for the toilet seat for the handicapped client is around 18 inches.

Likewise, there ought to be grab handles on one side of the toilet, so the individual can lift himself up. You should have as a top priority the size of the individual, so don’t put the seat excessively near the divider or spot the grab bars excessively near one another.

Sink get to

For a client who doesn’t utilize the wheelchair yet has inconvenience twisting, place the sink at a 40-inch stature. For a wheelchair, client place the sink at a tallness of 30 - 34 inches. Likewise, for wheelchair client, underneath the sink space is required. In that case, an individual in a wheelchair can move up to the sink.


Conventional baths have many deterrents for the handicapped client. That is the reason disabled open bathroom plans ought to have a stroll in baths or stroll in showers. Even come in showers are accessible, where an individual can enter shower in a wheelchair. If using that alternative ensure that wheelchair is intended for washing and produced using spotless and water-accommodating material.